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US, Russian women set for gymnastics showdown – NBC Sports

LONDON (AP) – The Americans need Jordyn Wieber to regain her swagger in a hurry if they’re going to hold off Russia for Olympic gold. The two gymnastic powers have been trading places in team competition for two years and will face off again on …

Stocks Perform Better if Women Are on Company Boards – Bloomberg

Companies with women on their boards performed better in challenging markets than those with all-male boards in a study suggesting that mixing genders may temper risky investment moves and increase return on equity. Shares of companies with a …

‘Women and children first’ is a myth, shipwreck study shows – Los Angeles Times

It’s a question often asked: Is chivalry dead? According to a recent study by two Swedish economists, that brand of gallantry is not only dead, it was buried at sea long ago. Keen to test humanity’s capacity for selflessness in times of scarcity …

Powell relishing women’s place in the sun – Reuters

LONDON (Reuters) – The idea of women playing soccer at the Olympics would have been unthinkable the last time the Games were staged in London in 1948, but on Tuesday a record crowd of 70,000 is expected for Britain’s match against Brazil at …

New TV channel run exclusively by fully veiled women – CNN

(CNN)– After graduating from the mass communication department of Cairo University, Heba Seraq-Eddin couldn’t find a job. Potential employers turned her down, she says, because of her veil. Heba wears the niqab, the black fabric that covers her …